5 Types of Man-in-the Middle Attack and How to Avoid it:

If the man-in-the middle sent you the email which appears to be legitimate but in reality it is not. And these emails contain links, and the user clicks on that link it redirect you to the fake website in which you fill your login details.  So, the user is not handing over their information to the legitimate organization but to the hacker. These emails sometimes spread malware in your device. To protect your device from malware just install AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

5 Types of Man-in-the Middle Attack:

  1. IP Spoofing:

The devices which are connected to the internet have an internet protocol (IP) address. Through spoofing an IP address, hackers can easily trick you that you’re interacting with a website and gain access over your information which you do not want to share.

  1. DNS Spoofing:

In Domain Name Server (DNS) spoofing, hackers trick the user to visit to the fake website than the real one. The main aim of the hackers is to divert the traffic from the real site and steal the user login credentials.

  1. HTTPS Spoofing:

If the user is doing business on the internet, and looks for “HTTPS” in the URL, which shows that the website is secure and trusted. But the hackers can fool your browser to believe that it is a trusted website but in reality it’s not. If the hacker redirects your browser to an unsecure website, then they can monitor your interactions with that website and can easily steal your personal information.

  1. SSL Hijacking:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a protocol which provides encrypted links between your browser and the web server. In an SSL hijacking, the hacker uses another computer and the secure server and then they interfere in all the information which pass between the server and the user’s computer.

  1. Email Hijacking:

In this hackers, target the email accounts of banks and when they gain access, they easily monitor the transactions between the bank and its customers. Hackers spoof the bank’s email address and they can also send their own instructions to customers. Through this way, the customer follows the hacker’s instructions. This result in customer giving money in the attackers’ hands. www.avg.com/retail

Protect against a Man-In-The-Middle Attack:

  1. Whenever you visit to the website, you should make sure that it has “HTTPS” always in the URL bar as this shows the website is secure and trusted.
  2. You should beware of phishing emails which ask you to update your password or other login credentials. Do not click on the link which is in the email, you should manually type the website address into your browser.
  3. Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi routers. But if you are connecting then use VPN which encrypts your internet connection and also secure your private data which you send and receive.
  4. It is advised that you should install a internet security solution AVG antivirus on your computer and always update your security software to protect your device from malware attacks.
  5. Keep your home Wi-Fi network secure. And also update all of the default usernames and passwords of your home router and the connected devices to your home Wi-Fi must have strong, unique passwords.

These are some of the ways which help you to avoid man-in –the middle attack. If the customer needs AVG details, then they can visit to the site via avg.com/retail.

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