AVG antivirus and its Benefits For Your Device:

AVG Antivirus is the top-rated antivirus software which protects your business against all kind of internet threat like viruses, ransomware, malware, adware, trojans, rootkits, and also from other threats. It enables small and medium-sized businesses to secure their data, files, emails, networks from hackers. You can install this software through www.avg.com/retail. The antivirus software provides anti-theft features for lost or stolen phones or tablets. It is compatible with all the devices and creates a wall between the hacker and your device. It offers user friendly interface and stops unauthorized access. It also secures your device from emerging threats.

Benefits of AVG Antivirus:

  • Keep Data, Files, And Identity Safe:

As you know that the data is the most important assets of the company. When hackers install malware in your device, then your valuable data can be compromised, this results in data breaches. AVG Antivirus keeps your data and files safe and out of the hands of hackers. It encrypts your company files, protected with a password. It also has file shredder feature which deletes the files so that nobody can recover them with malicious intent. It also has identity theft feature which protect your identity from hackers which collect your personal information.

  • Protect Network Through Link Scanning:

AVG antivirus keeps your network safe from internet threats, so that they can access the Internet securely and safely. Before you download anything from the internet, this software scans the data first and shows you the safety ratings. If they found any kind of threat on the web, they give the alert notification so that you do not download any malicious content in your device.

  • Email Shield Technology:

It also provides an email shield technology which automatically scans emails and removes the malicious content. It also detects the suspicious email attachments and blocks it immediately.

  • Smart Scanner:

It keeps your data, files, and networks safe. It also protects your device against malware and viruses. It scans the data of the computers when you are offline. This smart scanning technology regularly scans your device so that hackers cannot be able t. harm your device with their emerging threat.

  • Remote Management:

AVG Antivirus allows its administrators to remotely install and configure the software from any location. The software updates itself automatically to fix the loopholes in your device and protects your devices against the latest threats.

  • Anti-Theft And Camera Trap:

If you lost your mobile, AVG Antivirus helps to track it by just visiting to the AVG’s Anti-Theft website. Through this you can lock the device, or wipe its valuable data remotely. You can also identify the person who steals your device with the AVG Antivirus Camera Trap feature because it captures a secret photo of the theft and sends it to you via email.

For more information about AVG antivirus, you can visit to the official website of AVG antivirus via avg.com/retail.

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