AVG Antivirus gives tips to check if the Website is Safe

AVG Antivirus gives tips to check if the Website is Safe:

AVG antivirus is the most trusted and popular brand for the protection of your digital devices. You can install this antivirus via www.avg.com/retail.  It is useful in both homely and business purpose. This antivirus has got latest feature of fast scanning, camera trap feature, reliability, compatibility, Web cam protection, and also anti theft feature for your devices. It protects your gadgets from all kind of threat like malware, spyware, trozans, rootkits and also from online threat. It scans your device timely.

It is very essential to check whether the website is safe before you share any personal information like credit card numbers, password and addresses etc.

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Tips to check your Website is Safe:

  1. Use your Browser Safety Tool:

Nowadays, popular web browsers have security features so that you can stay safer online. These browsers blocks the annoying pop-ups, disable unsafe Flash content, stops malicious download of apps, and also control that website that can access your Webcam. AVG Secure Browser blocks targeted advertisement, avoid phishing scam and also prevent identity theft.

  1. Use Website Safety Check Tool:

To check if the website is safe, you can use website safety checker like Google Safe Browsing. It examines billion of URL per day for unsafe website. This is a very easy method; you just have to copy and paste the URL in the search box and press enter key. It will browse in seconds.

  1. Double check URL:

You can check your URL on Safari, first click on View menu, then select show status bar. After this you can hover over the link, it will lead in the bottom left of the screen. Make sure, the URL is spelled correctly too.

  1. Check For HTTPS:

This is the way of seeing the website is safe, if it has HTTPS. This Hyper Text Transfer Protocol which sends the data between your web browser and the website you visit. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. HTTPS is used for online banking, it prevent the hackers from stealing your personal information like password, bank details, and also credit card information. HTTPS has the trusted SSL certificate and if you want to check the site check the padlock in your web browser.

  1. Install Web Security Tool:

Install the Web Security Tool in your computer like AVG antivirus. It will help you to avoid dodgy websites; web shield will block the malicious download and also the Email Shield will block the malicious attachment. Download of AVG antivirus via avg.com/retail will help you to avoid Phishing sites.

If you wanted to know more about AVG antivirus and its benefits you just visit the official website of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.