Dirty Truth About USB’S-Avg.com/retail:

Nowadays, cyber security has become advanced and powerful. But hackers are always finding the way to corrupt your files, damage your device, gain full access over your device and steal your personal information in order to make money. They adopt different methods like phishing email, malicious websites and spyware etc to install malware in your device. To exploit the USB drive, hackers have is our curiosity. The best way to protect your device from all kind of online threat is to install AVG antivirus through www.avg.com/retail. It scans the data and improves the performance of your device than before.

Hackers use curiosity method to trap the people like you got the email from the friend, or pop up message that you won lot of money. Through this method they create a curiosity among the user, which internally pressurize the user to click on the link or download the files. In their curiosity, when they click on that link malware automatically install in their device and this makes the work of the hacker a lot more easier than before. Hackers are fully trained to create a curiosity among the user.  

Another way the hacker use is the USB drive, because if you have installed something precious in your PC, can easily be taken away by just plug-in to your PC. In some cases USB is planted by the hacker, just to infect your PC. Two ways of USB device which could infect your computer is through emails, if you click and run the infected file, malware will automatically install in your computer. And also the manufacturer of the USB device doesn’t protect their firmware. They reprogram the USB device to upload malware in your device. this blog

USB Attack is as Follows:

  • USB enter predetermined keystrokes, and force your PC to perform actions which gives great harm to your device.
  • Through this hackers log your keystrokes and then they will send your data to remote servers. this link
  • They implant hardware, like radio receiver.
  • It Changes your files.
  • It infiltrates your webcam and records your work.
  • It destroy your device with electrical surge

If you wanted to stay safe, don’t plug your USB drive to your device. This will not infect your device and install malware in your device. For more information, you can visit to the official website of AVG antivirus through avg.com/retail. And for technical help, you can call on their toll free number from anywhere.