How AVG antivirus protects from Malware Attack?

How AVG antivirus protects from Malware Attack? is the software which helps in the protection of all digital devices.  It can be easily install by just visiting to the official website of AVG. It protects from malware, spyware, viruses, and also from all kind of cyber crimes. It has the advanced feature of firewall which acts as a wall between the computer system and the dangerous websites.

Avg anti-virus

What is Malware?

Malware is just simply a contraction of malicious software. Malware attack is just simply cause damage to the device, steal data, or you can say it just cause a mess in the device.  Virus, Trozans, Spyware, and Ransomware are the kind of Malware attack. Malware is created by the hackers to make money or they have the option to sell it to the highest bidder on the Dark Web.

What Malware do on your device?

Malware works changes from file to file. There different types of Malware  but you can protect your device by just downloading antivirus i.e.

Virus: Virus name simply signifies that it clean files or infects the clean files. It spread over your device and the damage the functionality of your device like delete it or corrupts it.

Trojans: This kind of software is hidden in legitimate software and creates the backdoor entry for the other malware so that they come in.

Spyware: Spyware is the virus which hides in the background and just keeps notice whatever you do online and steals records like your username, password, and other bank details.

Worms: By using the network interfaces, it infects the entire network of devices and infects other machines also.

Ransomware: This type of malware threatens you to pay the ransom otherwise they will lock your computer and erase everything from your device.

Adware: This type of malware just pops up annoying ads and gives the way to other malware to come in the device.

Botnets : This is the network of infected computers which works together under an attacker.

Way to protect against Malware Attack:


If you want to protect your device from malware attack AVG antivirus gives tips for protecting your device. Firstly, don’t trust the strangers who are online because strange emails, fake profiles and tickling offers is the method of transferring malware from one device to other. Secondly, before you download anything on your device please double check it, by seeing if the provider is trustworthy or not. Thirdly, just block the annoying ads which can infect your device, with the help of ad blocker. Fourthly, browse carefully because the malware can be found anywhere.

For the Real Security of your device, just download the Anti-Malware software i.e. AVG antivirus via which detects and stop the malware before it infect your PC as it includes the malware removal tool.

If you want to grab more knowledge about AVG antivirus just visit to the official website via