How AVG helps to Check If A Website is Safe?

With the increased rate of cyber crime, it is very essential for the computer user before they visit to any website, they must check that the website is safe or not. Because, they should be cautious while sharing their personal information on that website. If the website is fake they should not enter any of their personal information like credit card details, password, or addresses etc. AVG team has given some tips to check the website. You can install AVG antivirus through This antivirus secures your device and data from all kind of cyber threat like malware and viruses. It detects the threat quickly and blocks it. It stops unauthorized access to your device and protects from emerging threat. In this blog, you will read how you can check the website is safe.

Tips To Check If the Website is Safe:

  1. Use Browser Safety Tools:

If you want to check the website, you can use the web browser built-in safety tool which helps to block the annoying pop-up ads, disable unsafe content, stop malicious download and also control the sites which has the ability to access your webcam etc. You can use AVG Secure Browser which helps to protect your digital footprint by blocking ads, phishing scams, and also help to prevent identity theft.

  1. Check For “HTTPS”:

When you open the site, you should check the URL begins with “https” this means the site is encrypted and whatever information you shared on this site is secured. But if the URL begins with “http” this means the site is not encrypted and if you share your information, it could be easily accessible by cybercriminals.

  1. Check For Website Privacy Policy:

You should check the privacy policy of the website, in which you should check how your data is collected, used and protected by that site. The privacy policy of the website shows how much website owner cares about the laws and also shows the website is safe. So, always check the privacy policy before entering any personal detail.

  1. Install Web Security Tool:

You should download AVG antivirus in your device through This antivirus has feature of Web Shield which blocks the malicious download and Email Shield blocks the malicious attachment. This antivirus also helps you to avoid phishing sites.

  1. Look for Signs that the Site is Fake:

You can also check the site is fake, when you open the site lot of pop-up appears this means the site is fake. If you open the site, but it redirects you to completely different site, this is a malicious redirect. Lot of Search Engine Warning also shows that the site is fake.

These tips help you to check the site, but if you want more information then you can contact the customer care executive anytime. For assistance, you can visit to the site through

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