How AVG Helps to Protect Your Android Phones?

AVG Antivirus is the well known software which secures your Laptop, Computers, Mac, Window OS and Android Phones against all kind of threat. You can install this antivirus software through It timely scans your device and do not allow hackers to access your device. It monitors the sending and receiving data on network traffic so that you can browse safely. It quickly detects the threat and blocks it immediately. And whenever it found threat on your device, it gives you the alert notification so that hackers cannot be able to harm your device. It consumes very less space but improve the performance of your device. Its interface is user friendly and is very easy to use.


How AVG helps in improving the performance?

  1. AVG antivirus detects and blocks the malicious apps or software which runs in the background and slows down the speed of your device.
  2. AVG antivirus regularly monitors the battery consumption of your Mobile phone and set the battery level notification and also enables the power consumption.
  3. It monitors the network traffic and keeps the record of your data usage and gives you the notification when you are reaching your monthly data limit.
  4. It optimize the internal and SD Card Storage Space by removing the apps and games in your device.

How AVG is benefit for your Mobile?

  • Anti-Theft Phone Tracker:

If your phone is lost or stolen, then you can locate it by just visiting to the Anti-Theft website and find its location. If your phone has very important content then you can lock it or you can wipe so that your content does not go into wrong hands.

  • Camera Trap:

If hacker tries snooping your phone or tablet and tries to unlock your device, then the Camera Trap feature of AVG antivirus will take a secret photo of the theft and then email that photo to you on your Email ID with the time and location. sources

  • Device Lock:

When a thief steals your phone, he first removes the SIM card. With the Device Lock feature you can protect your phone, if anybody will replace the SIM card, your phone will lock automatically and then he hacker cannot be able to make any calls or access your private data.

  • App Backup:

This gives you the App Backup facility, so you can take the backup of all your apps in the SD card and enjoy your favorite apps or games everywhere.

If you want more information, you can call the customer care executive anytime from anywhere. You can also go its site via

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