How Cyber Criminals Attack Medical Care Centers? antivirus software has the latest features which give high class security to your data and device against all cyber attack. It protects your data from malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also against phishing attack etc. Hackers are getting smarter day by day; they don’t even left the health organizations.

Attackers use different techniques like first they attack on the Medical Devices then they attack on their data and after that they put malware into the Medical devices like computers, where the health organization store all their data. Hackers put malware like ransomware just to steal their sensitive data. In this case, health care introduce protective measures like they should install AVG antivirus in their device through www avg com retail.

Methods Used By Cyber Attackers: wants their user to be alert all the time and protect their device and valuable data from attackers. The methods used by attackers in medical organization are as follows:

  1. Medical Device Compromise:

The medical devices which are compromised in the hospitals are:

  1. Consumer wearable’s like sleep pattern monitors, and fitness trackers, etc.
  2. Patient monitoring devices like insulin pumps, and heart rate monitors etc.
  3. IVD and blood analyzers etc.
  4. Embedded devices like pacemakers and implants etc.
  5. In-house equipment like MRI, CT, and X-ray machines, etc.

Hacking of these devices can endanger patients’ lives. Attackers attack on pacemakers or insulin pumps, this enables the hacker to steal data and gain access to hospital infrastructures.

  1. Data Breach:

Medical data is very valuable and it is totally traded on the dark web. Hackers use Phishing Email to steal data and infiltrating networks. Hackers usually steal Patient data like Identity and insurance fraud this helps the hackers to charge expensive medical procedures, claim prescription drugs etc. They also steal like Administrative paperwork, Prescription information and Biometric data etc.

  1. Ransomware:

Hackers in order to steal data they put encrypted code in the device of your medical organization so that you cannot access your device. And all the data is under the hackers and if you wanted to access that information, hackers demand ransom from the victim. If the organization do not pay ransom, the patients and the organization both suffers.

So, it is advised to all the health care departments to safeguard your device and data by installing AVG antivirus via avg com retail. As this completely scans the data timely to protect your device from malware and virus. Because of this, hackers cannot access your device.

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