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Today, most of the people are becoming the victim of Identity theft. In this hacker steal your personal information like social security number, credit card information, and bank details etc. for making money. And some attackers steal your information to commit crime in your name. AVG team just wants their users to be aware of Identity theft because when somebody steals your identity, it takes many years to come out of that mess. Because every organization is affected by that fraud. So, you must take precautions to protect your identity so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Hence, you must install AVG antivirus in your device through This antivirus provide great feature like Identity theft protection to its users which does not allow hackers to steal your personal information. In this blog, you will read how hackers commit Identity Theft crime Online.

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Cyber Criminals Commit Identity Theft in This Online World:Avg.Com/Retail


  • Unsecured Browsing:


Unsecured Browsing allows hackers to intercept your traffic. If you are using unsecured browser for conducting your personal information like filling your taxes, using your credit card etc. then hackers can easily steal your identity through your personal information and misuse them for their own personal benefit. Unsecured browsing includes when you are using public Wi-Fi, public computer and also if you are visiting unsecured website. To protect yourself against unsecured browsing, you should use AVG Secure Browser.


  • Data Leaks:


Data breaches usually happen when attackers break into a company’s servers and steal sensitive user data. Stolen data basically include personal identification numbers, credit card information, passwords, birthdays, and addresses etc. Generally, data thieves sell stolen data on the dark web.


  • Malicious Software:


Identity thieves use malicious software to steal your personal details. Spyware is a type of malware which steal all your sensitive personal information and remain undetected. You should remove the spyware with a specialized spyware removal tool, like AVG AntiVirus. This antivirus will scan your device for malware and spyware and remove it automatically from your device.


  • Phishing Attack:


In the Phishing attack, attackers send the fraudulent email to the user. These emails are designed in such a way, that they are sent by a trusted source like from a bank or an employer. But when the user responds to these emails, then they are sending their information to a cybercriminal.


  • Wi-Fi Hacking:


In case, the hacker cracks the password on a router, then they can easily steal all the data flowing through it. So, it is very important to change your router’s password when you buy it. Hackers can easily steal the information by log in with the default user credentials which came with your router. So, it is advised you should avoid using public Wi-Fi which are in cafes, airports, or other public places as these places are the prime targets for Wi-Fi hacking.


Through this way, hackers commit crimes online. If you need more assistance then you can go to the site of AVG via