How to Activate AVG Business Edition with a New License Number?

AVG antivirus is one of the wonderful security solutions which has launched so many products for business and personal use. It can be easily installed through It is available for all the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones. In case, if you want to renew, upgrade to another AVG edition, or you want to increase of your current license, then you will receive a new AVG License Number which will be inserted manually into your current AVG program. Hence, in this blog you will read how you can easily activate AVG Business Edition with New License Number.


In case, the stations are not connected to AVG Remote Administration and you want to activate AVG Business Edition with your new AVG License Number. Then, first you should open the AVG Program. After this, you should open Menu and then go to Settings option and select Subscription. Here, you can use the copy and paste method just to enter your new AVG License Number in the license number field. At last, you should click on Activate and then the license will be activated at

And in case, the AVG Business standalone stations are not connected to AVG Remote Administration then it can be activated through command-line/script. For this, first you should install AVG Remote Administration from here and then you should run the network installer wizard. After this, you should choose the installation script method.  For this, you should open AVG Admin Console and then select Tools option. After this, you should run AVG Network Installer Wizard and when it prompts then you should select “Creation of AVG installation script”. When you are creating the script, then there is no specific requirements just you have to ensure that the new license number is entered. Now, you should select a folder on the disk just to store the installation script. You just need the avg_licence.ini file for the activation. Here, on the device where you are activating with the new license, just execute the following command:

“C:\Program Files\AVG\Antivirus\Setup\instup.exe” /instop:change /licfile:<path_to_directory>\avg_licence.ini /wait


If you want to activate your new license number in AVG Remote Administration.

Activate in AVG Admin Server.

For this, you should open the start menu and then select AVG Remote Administration. Now, you should choose AVG Admin Server Monitor and then select Server settings. Here under License, you should select Change and then just enter the new license number and click on OK button. If the confirmation appears that the license has been changed, then just click on OK button. After this, you should restart the AVG Admin Server and click on Yes option. When it restarted, then you should minimize the AVG Admin Server Monitor.

Activate in AVG Admin Console:

You should open AVG Admin Console and then in the navigation tree, you should select Shared settings under Licenses and then double-click on Shared settings in the Shared settings window. After this, you should enter the new license number and then click on OK button and then the license number will be populated.

In case, you have server operating systems connected to AVG Remote Administration, then you should go to Tools and then select Shared settings for application servers and just choose License. After this, you should enter the new license number and just make the setting mandatory and then click on OK button. Then, you have to right-click Stations which is at the top of the navigation tree and then select Shared settings for stations and then select Synchronize settings. Now, you should right-click Application servers within the navigation tree and select Shared settings for application servers and then choose Synchronize settings. At this point, the new license number will be pushed to all connected devices.

For more details about AVG business edition, just visit to the site of AVG through

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