How To Activate Subscription For AVG Internet Security?

AVG antivirus software is the widely trusted antivirus for your device like Mac, Laptop, Computers, Window OS and Android Phones. It gives excellent features as for your gadget to protect against viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware,phishing and ransomware attack. This software provides you web shield protection so that you can safely and securely browse on Internet. You can install this antivirus software through  It stops you from clicking on any suspicious attachments, download and bad links. It encrypts your sensitive information and scans the device for better performance. It quickly detects and blocks the cyber threat.

You can activate AVG antivirus through your AVG My Account which is associated with the registered email address and you can also activate internet security through activation code. In this blog, you will read how to activate subscription for AVG Internet Security.

Activate AVG Internet Security Software:

First, go to the official website of AVG Internet Security and then you have to go to ‘Download AVG Internet Security’. After this, you have to right click on the downloaded setup file and then you have to choose Run as administrator.  It shows you the ‘User Account Control’ dialog for allowance, and then you have to click on ‘Yes’ button. Now, you have to click on the Current Language which is located at the top-right hand side of your computer screen. After this, you have to click on Install button and wait for the process to complete. Then, you have to click on ‘Continue’ button to complete installation process.

Activate Subscription For AVG Internet Security:

For this, first you have to click on the AVG icon to open the ‘AVG Antivirus Free’ user interface. Then, you have to go to ‘My AVG’ and then go to ‘My Subscription’ option. After this, just scroll down to ‘Subscription’ option. Here, you will see ‘AVG Antivirus Free’ option, and then you have to click down the arrow in that panel. Now, you will find the details like Active, Expires and Subscription. In Active means the green button which shows that subscriptions are active on your Computer. Expires shows the date on which subscription will expire and also tell you how many days are remaining. In the Subscription section, it will show you the activation code or license number of the software product. It also gives you the Update Information.

If you want more details, about the AVG product then you can visit to the official website of AVG antivirus through For expert help, you can call the customer care anytime.

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