How To Customize Various Settings Of AVG?

AVG antivirus is the well software provides superb protection to secure endpoints and the users from cyber attack. It gives security from threats which come in email, browsers, files, URLs, and more in real time. You can install this trusted software through It scans the data to protect from malware and viruses. It improves the performance of your device so that you can work conveniently in this digital world. It gives great protection from emerging threat as hackers always attack through new ways. More importantly it does not allow hackers to access your device. In this blog, you will learn how to customize various setting of AVG.

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Customize Various Settings Of AVG Antivirus:

  1. Manage Main Setting:

Enable reputation services:  It will give technical information of risky files so that you can identify malware threats. It is enabled by default.

Enable Cyber Capture: It helps to detect and analyze rare and suspicious files. If incase you run this type of file, Cyber Capture locks the file and sends it to the AVG Threat Labs. It is enabled by default.

Always block it: It blocks malicious files and sends the files to AVG Threat Labs. It is enable by default.

Allow me to decide: It gives you the notification before a file is submitted to AVG Threat Labs.

Scan for potentially unwanted applications (PUAs):  It scans for PUAs and gives you the notification if it found threat. It is disabled by default.

Game Mode: It prevents AVG popup as it interrupts full screen applications. It is disabled by default.

Enable AVG email signature: It enables the AVG email signature to inform your recipients that the email has been scanned for malware. It is enabled by default.

  1. Manage Popup:

You can set the length of time of the popup messages.

Info popups: It gives you the notifications of general AVG activity.

Update popups: It gives you the information of program and virus definitions updates.

Warning popups: It gives you the warnings of possible risks, like opening an unknown file.

Alert popups: It gives you the alert of threats detections and other important incidents.

Popup are set to 20 seconds by default. If you do not want popup messages you can set the duration time to 0 for each popup type.

  1. Set the Password for Interface or Setting:

You can generate the password to restrict access to the AVG user interface or settings. To set password, you have to tick Protect AVG with a password. Then you have to type your password in the text box. Now you have to specify which areas you want to protect with a password like General program access, Program settings, Protection control, Protection settings, Scan control, Scan settings, Update control, Quarantine control, Backup/Restore of AVG settings and also Firewall settings. At the end, click OK.

  1. Manage Maintenance Setting:

In this, you can optimize the space on your hard disk.

Auto-cleanup helps AVG to delete the scan logs by selecting the option like Delete scan logs older than, Delete temporary scan logs older than, Clean scan history.

Logs help to maximum size for each log file. Enable debug logging: It helps AVG to create a special log file if the error occurs while the program is running.

Quarantine: It specify the maximum amount of space the Quarantine uses on your PC. You can select Maximum size of Quarantine and Maximum size of file to be sent.

  1. Backup And Restore Setting:

You have to click on Back up settings. After this, you have to select which component settings to save and then you have to click Continue. Now you have to select a location to save your back up file, and then click on Save.

You have to click on Restore settings. Then you have to locate the backup file which you saved and then click on Open option. After this, you have to select saved component settings to restore and then click on Continue.

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