How to Detect the Virus in your PC and how AVG helps to Remove it?

AVG antivirus gives complete protection in this digital world. It has the advanced feature through which you can easily detect virus and malware in your PC. And it gives high class security solution against all online threat like malware, viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans and ransomware attacks. You can install this antivirus via AVG wants their user to be aware of all the internet threat and how you can bock all these threat.

How you can detect virus in your PC?

You can easily detect the virus in your PC, if your computer is running very slowly; pop up messages continuously appears on your computer screen, the computer program which you starts did not recognize them and did not start by yourself and also you can hear the sound of hard drive.

If you see any of the following symptoms in your PC this means that your PC is infected with virus. And need to install a strong antivirus in your PC like AVG antivirus via

How to remove Virus from your PC?

Remove the Virus:

  1. For removing virus from your PC you have to keep your computer into the safe mode. You can do this by, turning on and off your computer. Then press F8 button and this shows the advanced boot option menu and from here you choose the Safe Mode with networking and press enter. For this, you have to keep your PC disconnected from the Internet.
  2. You should delete all the Temporary files from your PC. You can do this by using the disk clean up tool. For this, you have to just go to the start menu then go to All Programs. After this, go to Accessories then you have to go system tools. Now, go to disk clean up tool, then scroll through the files to delete list and then choose temporary files.
  3. After this, choose download a virus scanner. There are 2 types of virus scanner which deletes the computer viruses. One is real time scanner and other this on demand scanner. Real time scanner scans the viruses in the background when you are using your PC. And the other is on demand scanner; it runs manually each time when you want to scan. You can install the virus scanner by connecting to the internet and download it.
  4. You should run a virus scanner. First you should run the on demand virus scanner then real time scanner. This will identify the virus and remove it.

By installing AVG Antivirus in your computer, you can remove the virus in your computer successfully. If you are facing any kind of issue then you can contact to the customer care executive via  You can even call on their toll free number.