How To Gather Installation Log Files?

AVG Installation log files provide you a detail description of the installation process. If in case, it finds an issue during installation, then an analysis of the installation log file will show you the culprit. For installing this tool, you have to visit to AVG via In this blog, you will read how you can gather AVG Installation Log files.

For AVG Installation Log Files:

 First, you have to download and run this tool. After this, Accept the license agreement. Now, you should Enter your forum nickname. Then, you need to tick the AVG installation logs and system information. At this point, you should click on Create archive. Here, you need to wait for the utility to complete its run. This procedure will take few minutes. Keep in mind it should be smaller than 2 MB, and then attach the file which is created on your Desktop to your post. If in case, the size will be larger, then the archive will be uploaded to our FTP server.

If in case, you will not be able to gather the installation log files properly, then you should provide the files to moderators manually through below process:

AVG 9.0:

For this, you should ensure that the user who installed AVG product is currently logged in. After this, you should press the Windows logo key+R. Then, you should type %tmp% in the open window and then tap on OK button. Now, the user’s temporary folder will be open on your screen. Then, you need to locate the following file in the folder:


At this point, you should open the AVGdownloadManager folder in the open window. Then, you have to locate the following two files in this folder:



At last, you should compress these files and emails for analysis.

For AVG 2011 / AVG 2012 / AVG 2013:

You should sure all hidden folders should be displayed. Then, go to the following folder (Windows XP):

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MFAData\Logs\

(for Windows Vista/7):


Here, you need to locate the most recent MFA-<date>-<time>.log and MSI-<date>-<time>.log files. At last, you should compress these files and email for analysis.

For details, the customer should visit to the official site of AVG via