How to Prevent Logic Bomb Virus with AVG Antivirus?

A logic bomb is a computer virus which contains a malicious piece of code which is secretly inserted into a computer system. These codes remain concealed till it is triggered by some actions. If any action is happened, then the logic bomb is triggered and it will damage your system by corrupting data, removing files and also clear your hard drives. The drawback of a logic bomb is that the user remains unaware that it’s planted in their device and when it’ll explode. These bombs are also known as time bombs because it is set to detonate at a particular date. But other logic bombs are triggered when someone open a file or application in their computer. Generally, these logic bombs are installed by someone who has the access of your computer. It is harmful as it deletes your data, steal your sensitive data, and also restrict or prevent user access. To prevent this Logic Bombs Virus, you should install AVG antivirus via as it will timely scan your device for malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read how to prevent logic bomb virus.

Method To Prevent Logic Bomb Virus:

  1. Use AVG Antivirus Program and Keep It Up To Date:

It is suggested you should use a robust and reliable antivirus program like AVG through which will protect your device from viruses and malicious codes which logic bombs carries. This software will also secure your PC from harmful online threats. It is highly recommended that you should keep your antivirus program up-to-date. You should also scan the compressed files in order to keep your computer secure so that nothing suspicious hides in it.

  1. Avoid Shady Websites and also Pirated Software:

The user should also avoid clicking on suspicious and malicious links as it can install malware in your device. For the precautions, you should stop downloading software from shady websites. It is advised you should avoid downloading pirated software as this common method followed by hackers to deliver malware in your device. You should always download software from reliable websites.

  1. Keep Your System Updated and also Keep the Back Up Of Your Data:

You should keep your PC up to date as it will protect your system from logic bombs and other online threats. Updates always come up with improved features and also fix the security gaps in your system. And it is suggested you should regularly keep the back up of your data. This will secure your data from logic bomb attacks.

  1. Increase Awareness:

If you want to protect yourself from all kind of cyber threats, then it is very important that you train your friends, family members or office colleagues about phishing emails, shady software and malicious websites. If in case, you are the owner of the company, then o must secure your all your companies computers with reliable antivirus software like AVG. You should give your staff cybersecurity tips.

For installing AVG antivirus software, the user should visit to the AVG official website via

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