How To Protect Your Car From Being Hacked?

Today, hackers become too much smart that they take control of your car. They remotely control your vehicle through Radio, Digital display, Air conditioner, Windshield Wipers, Wiper Fluid, and Transmission and also through Brakes. In spite of physical access to your device, hackers digitally access your car by accelerating your car, slamming on its brakes, and controlling the steering wheel. So, it is very necessary auto manufacturers take cyber threats seriously and also update their software because today latest car vehicles comes with the new technology. Hence, AVG team just wants its user to get aware of the cyber security threat. You can install this trusted security software through This software regularly gives update to fix the patches and bugs in your device. In this blog, you will read how you can protect your car from being hacked.

Steps to Protect Your Car from Hacks:


1. Get in Touch with Your Car’s Manufacturer:


You should give your car manufacturer your contact details so that they can contact you for software updates or vehicle recalls. You can also check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall page. Here, you just have to enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) just to see if there is a recall for your vehicle. VIN is available on the driver’s side of the vehicle or your vehicle registration card.


2. Update Your Car’s Software:


You must check your computer for software updates and also check the notices which are given by your auto manufacturer. It is highly recommended that you should update your car’s software if it is available because out of date software always has bugs which attackers can use to steal your private information or gain control of your car.


3. Store your keyless fob in the fridge:


Thieves can easily get into your car by tricking you that you are nearby. Like if your car has keyless entry, and you try to open the door then the car will send the wireless signal to your keyless fob. In case, your keyless fob is nearby then your car door will unlock. But if the fob is far away then the car door will not open.


At this point, if hacker knows where you place your keys then he will stand nearby your keyless fob’s range, so that he can easily open your car door.


But if you kept your keyless fob is in a faraday bag or in your refrigerator then all the signal will be blocked and criminals cannot be able to hack your car doors.


4. Turn off your Car’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when You are not Using:


It is suggested that you should turn off your Car’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using it because open wireless connection allow criminals to take control of the parts of your vehicle and hence, they can easily steal the data stored on the vehicle. So, it is better to switch off your car’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


5. Hide your Car’s Wi-Fi Password:


It is advised that if your car has its own Wi-Fi, then you should keep the password of your car hidden so that hackers cannot take advantage of your car’s Wi-Fi Password.


 6. Scan USB drives before You plug into Your Car:


You should always scan the USB drive before you plug in to your car because infected USB drive has malicious code in it through which hackers can easily steal your personal information. So, you can use AVG Antivirus which scans your USB drive.


These methods help to protect your Car from being hacked. For more details, you can go to the site of AVG via