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Nowadays, cyber criminal’s tries to track you when you are working online because they wanted to steal your personal information or data, like financial information and passwords etc. for their own personal benefits which sometimes results in severe damage. It is highly recommended when you find your computer is infected with malware or viruses, and then you should immediately install reliable security software in your device like AVG antivirus through This software does not allow hackers to access your device as this gives you advanced features like web cam protection, web shield protection, identity theft protection, reliability and compatibility.

As you all know that your ISP or websites keep tracks of you. But there are search engines like Google chrome and apps like Facebook which also keeps tracking you to give you better service. But remember, everybody do not have the good intention behind tracking you. Some people track your online activity to steal your data. Hence, if you do not want other people to track you then you must read this blog. In this blog, you will read how to minimize tracking by using AVG antivirus.

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Minimize Tracking By using AVG Antivirus:

For this, first you have to download AVG antivirus security software by going to its official website and then just click on the Download button. After this, you should select the location to save the downloaded file, and then click on Save File and just download the software. In case, you have the installation CD then you can use it to install this software in your device. For this, you have to place the disc into the CD-writer and then just run it on your computer.

After this, you should enter Safe Mode to the antivirus software in your infected Computer system. Here, you just have to disconnect all peripheral devices and disc connected, and then you should restart your device. Now, you have to press the F8 key just to enter in the Advance Boot Options. Then you should go to the arrow keys to select Safe Mode and then just tap on the Enter button. Here, you should double-click on the program and then you have to select Run to install.

Now, you should open your AVG antivirus and then you have to select complete scan just to scan your Computer. If you want to see the detected viruses, then you should go to the quarantine tab. Then, you should enable Windows Firewall as it prevents the tracking bugs. For this, you have to visit to the Control Panel. Then in the Control Panel, you should find Firewall and then just click the Turn on button just to activate it. At the end, you should save settings and then you have to exit the current window.

For more details about AVG antivirus, just go to the official website of AVG antivirus through You can also contact to the customer care executive for assistance.