How To Resolve AVG General Error Code 0x0643:

AVG Antivirus is the most popular security product which safeguards your gadget against all cyber attacks. And this software of AVG can easily install in every device via But some users face error like AVG error code 0x0643. In this blog, you will read the solution of AVG error code 0x0643.

Method To Resolve AVG General Error Code 0x0643:

1: Clean Out your Previous AVG Antivirus Version:

To fix the issue, you should clean out your past AVG antivirus software which is installed in your Computer system. Because, AVG Antivirus leaves large amounts of registries which do not allow other AVG Antivirus programming systems to work properly in your device.

To clean the AVG antivirus software, you should use the AVG Remover tool. For this, you should save all your work and just close all open documents. You need to download the AVG Remover tool from the manufacturer website via After this, run the downloaded file and then hit on Continue button to accept the AVG’s License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Now, AVG Remover tool will scans your PC in order to find out all the installed AVG products. Then, you have to select the product which you want to uninstall and then hit on Remove. At this point, tap on Restart option in order to save the changes which you have made. Here, the Security Warning dialog display after the restart and hit on Run to finish the uninstallation process. Again, you have to restart your PC. Then, go to your C:\ drive, and just delete the AVG_Remover folder manually, if the uninstallation procedure is complete.

 When you are sure that there is no other AVG Antivirus software is installed in your computer system, then try to install AVG Antivirus again in your device.

2: Configure and Reinstall AVG TuneUp Tool:

If in case, you are not able to remove the older version of the AVG antivirus, then you should run the AVG Clear tool and reinstall AVG TuneUp.

For this, you should download and run the AVG Clear tool. And just make sure this tool will help remove the AVG antivirus. Now, you should open the tool, go to the “User Account Control” and then hit on “Yes” option. Then, you should go to “Windows safe mode” and then tap on “No” option. At this point, you should pick the installed version of AVG antivirus and tap on “Uninstall” option, and then hit on “Restart PC”. At last, just check AVG Error General 0x0643 is coming or not.

3: Reinstall AVG Antivirus:

If you are trying to install free AVG or a paid antivirus then just make sure that there is a proper Internet connection. Because, sometimes when you download the exe document, it is not completely downloaded in your device, this means that a record is missing which results in an error. Hence, you must make sure that the Internet connection is working properly.

For more information about AVG tools, then go to the manufacturer site of AVG via

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