How To Secure Crypto Wallet with AVG Antivirus?

Digital wallets is the generally the cryptocurrency storage tools. There are various types of cryptocurrency wallets like online, mobile, and desktop wallets etc. Keep in mind all cryptocurrency wallets are not digital like paper wallets. If you want to store your cryptocurrency then you should have a wallet which supports the digital money which you have or want to buy. There are some coin wallets which support only one cryptocurrency but others support multi-currency. If the user wants to purchase the best wallet for cryptocurrency then it completely depends according to their needs. It is advised you should secure your crypto wallets with AVG antivirus through In this blog, you will read the method to secure crypto wallets with AVG antivirus.

What are the Different Cryptocurrency Wallets?

  1. Hot wallets vs. Cold wallets:

Hot wallets are generally online and they are connected to the internet. And cold wallets offline store your coins. The user can choose wallets according to their cryptocurrency transactions. You can easily use the Hot wallets daily but it is risky and Cold wallets are offline, so the user can store large amount safely.

  1. Online wallets:

Online wallet can access through internet. It is better for small trades and don’t use for moving large sums. It is advised you should not keep too much money in online wallet as it is vulnerable to online attacks. It is set up for automatic transactions. But in case, you lose the device or you uninstall the program then it will lock you out of the wallet.

  1. Mobile wallets:

Mobile wallets are like Apple Pay or Google Pay. In this, your money is always with you. It is the easy way to make transactions and shop payments . But it secure than an online wallet. Here, the drawback is your private key is exposed with online wallet. If you lost your phone then it will lock you out of the wallet forever. And also trading through public Wi-Fi will increase the risk.

  1. Desktop Wallets:

Desktop wallet is basically a software wallet which is used at home through private connection. This is more secure than mobile wallets. Keep in mind that the cold desktop wallet will not get stolen like a cold mobile wallet. It will be risky only when it is connected to the internet. Its hard drive has reliable data storage. In this, your wallet is connected to the internet. But for this, you requires to strengthen your cybersecurity and also email security.

  1. Paper Wallets:

Paper wallets are the secure crypto wallet. You should store your paper wallet in a safe place then it will be impossible for anyone to access your crypto. It will be convenient for others to send you money. It is also secure against hackers and viruses.

To secure a crypto wallet, you should store most of your crypto cold or offline, regularly update software, Use 2FA and setup multisig, protect your devices with AVG Antivirus via as it will secure your device from malware and viruses.

This method will help you to secure your crypto wallet with AVG antivirus. For installing AVG, the user should visit to the official site of AVG via

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