How To Secure your Debit Card with AVG Antivirus?

As you all know that nowadays, there is a rise in the digital transactions. But, digitalization comes with lot of security threats. It is advised when you do online banking, you should always shop from reputable websites and companies. While online shopping for more protection, the user must install AVG antivirus in their device via as it secure your sensitive data from identity theft, malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read the tips to secure your Debit Card.

Tips to Secure Your Debit Card:

  1. Memorize your CVV and Scratch it off:

CVV is a three or four digit number which is located at the back of your debit card and gives added layer of security when you make purchases online. It is advised you should memorize your CVV and just scratch it off from the card. This is because; if your card is lost then no one can be able to make unauthorized transactions from your card. Keep in mind if in case, your card is lost they also require the OTP but if you are making transaction from international website then it does not require the OTP, only your card details is sufficient.

  1. If you shop by card, Enter the PIN yourself:

Sometimes, when the users go out for dinner or shopping, they prefer to give payment through card. In this process, the user instead of entering the PIN ourselves on the machine, they ask the person to enter the PIN who is assisting the user for the payment of the bill. But, keep in mind you should not ask the person to enter the PIN.

  1. Activate SMS Alerts:

It is suggested you should activate SMS alerts on your phone so that you timely get the real time notification of your transaction. It is helpful because if anybody makes unauthorized transaction then you will get an instant notification and you can also track the details of the fraud. The user should activate this feature for both their current and savings accounts.

  1. Never Leave an Incomplete Transaction:

Sometimes, fraudsters jammed the ATMs with a pin or they apply a glue on the keys of the keypad. They jam enter or ok key and cancel key because when you enter your details then user think that the keypad is jammed and they just leave the transaction in between and they it gets cancelled but this does not happen. In reality, when the user leaves the room and thinks that the ATM machine is not working, then fraudster comes there and just finishes the transaction. Hence, it is advised never leave the ATM room till you view the welcome screen and also you should press the Cancel key when the transaction completes.

  1. Save your Bank’s Customer Care number on your phone:

If you want to secure your card, the first precaution you can take is to save your bank customer care number in your mobile phone. Because if your debit card is lost or stolen, then you can call the bank and ask them to block your card.  And also if you find something suspicious in your transaction or ATM, then also you can call the bank for details.

These tips help to secure your Debit Card. As you make transaction through your phone, it is essential your device is virus free and for the security you must install AVG antivirus via in your device.

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