How to Stay Safe From Phishing Link Spread By Cyber Criminals?-

In the period of Coronavirus, hackers are spreading lot of phishing links through emails, messages or text. As you know that, hackers always take advantage of the emotions of the people. Today, they know that the people are reading, sharing news and expressing their views on social media. So, hackers are spreading the phishing messages or links of awareness, just to grab user’s personal information. Their main motive is just to make money. Hence, AVG antivirus team has given some tips to stay safe from these phishing links. You can install this antivirus software through This is the famous antivirus which protects your devices from all kind of threat like malware and viruses. It detects and blocks the threat quickly. In this blog, you will read the tips to stay safe from phishing links.

Tips to Stay Safe From Phishing Link Spread By Cyber Criminals:

  1. Check the Sender’s Email ID:

It is suggested, if you receive any kind of email related to Covid-19, then you should first check the email came from a known or trusted website. If it is from the unknown source then delete that email immediately. If the sender’s name is there in the email, then see if it matches to the sender’s email ID.

  1. Avoid Clicking on it:

If the email contains the link which gives the information about Corona then you should look at the domain address before clicking on that link. If it looks like a suspicious or fake email, then avoid clicking on that link which is provided in that email.

  1. Avoid Downloading Any File:

It is suggested that you should download any kind of file which is send to you by unknown sender because it might contain a malicious link in it. If you download any malicious file, it steals your valuable information or installs malware in your device.

  1. Use Strong Password:

You should use strong, complex and unique passwords for all your accounts. It should be difficult to guess by hackers and easy to remember by you. It should be consist of number, symbols, upper and lower case letters. All accounts should have different passwords.

  1. Keep up to date Your Device and Apps:

Always keep your device up to date to the latest version and also update your security software like AVG antivirus which you have installed in your device through Because updates fix the security flaws in your device and protect your device from emerging threat.

If you want more information about the phishing emails, then you should call to the expert of AVG antivirus anytime. You can also go to its website through

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