How to Troubleshoot AVG Account Login Issues?

AVG antivirus is the ultimate security product which blocks all the threat and secures your device. It can install via But some customer faces AVG Account login issues. So, in this blog you will read the solution of AVG account login issues.

Method To Resolve AVG Account Login Issues:

  1. Update Software:

For this, first you have to open the Internet Browser on your computer system and then you have to delete all the caches and cookies from it. After this, you need to ensure that you are running the latest version of Google Chrome in order to log in to the AVG Account. In case, you have an older version then you should update it. You should also update the older version of the Windows 10 so that your operating system works more properly and smooth. It is advised you should update your AVG Antivirus on a regular basis because this antivirus software releases its updates in order to improve its protection and also the way of functioning. If you update your software, browser and operating system then it will prevent you from all kind of issues.

  1. Restart Your System and Check Network Connections:

If you are using Wi-Fi then you should check your network connections rate and also check the speed in its modem. If in case, you are using normal data connection then just ensure it is functioning properly. Because, poor and interrupted connections causes problem during the logging method. If you are using wire for internet connection, then you should remove the cable and again insert it back after few seconds, this also fixes the issue. You can also restart your computer and the router in order to fix the issue.

  1. Re-perform AVG Product Activation Process:

If in case, you activate the product in wrong way then this will also give rise to the error. For this, you should re-perform the AVG product activation process.

To activate the AVG product, you should first add the subscription of AVG Antivirus product to your account which is there in your card or in your email. After this, you should insert the 25 digit AVG Antivirus Activation product key. When the AVG Product gets activated, then you should try to log in to your AVG Account in order to check the issue has been solved or not.

  1. Recover Login Password of AVG Antivirus Software:

Sometimes, the issue occurs because of the wrong submission of AVG Login credentials. For this, first go to the login page via any internet browser. After this, you should insert the AVG email address or username. Then, you need to tap on ‘Having trouble logging in?’ At this point, you should give your AVG login address and then hit on ‘Continue’ button. Now, AVG will send the ‘Resend Password’ link to your email address. Then, you have to open the account and just check the mail, and then tap on the ‘Reset Password’ link. Here, you need to enter a ‘New Password’. Again you have to type the same password in order to confirm your password. After following this procedure, you need to tap on submit my request and then go back to the AVG Page login in order to sign in your account.


  1. Secure your System with AVG Antivirus:

In case, you lost your device or if somebody steal your devices, then with the help of AVG antivirus, you can Set a sound alarm, and take a screenshot when the devices are activated. You can also secure your important information through AVG Antivirus.

For more help, the user can visit to the AVG site via

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