How to Troubleshoot AVG Proxy Error?

Proxy is the server which helps the user to protect your identity online. If you are facing AVG Proxy Error, it may be because your internet browser has some problem or you have disturbed proxy setting from your LAN. In this blog, you will read the solution of AVG Proxy error. For technical support, you can contact to the executive through

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Solution To Fix AVG Proxy Error:

  1. In Mozilla Firefox:

In case, you are using Mozilla Firefox internet browser, then you should disable Proxy setting of the browser.

For this, you should double click on the Mozilla Firefox icon to open Mozilla Firefox browser. If you do not find Mozilla Firefox icon on your screen, then you should click on the Windows logo which is located on the lower left side of the screen. There, you will see a slide which has many options on it. In the search programs and files box, you have to type “Mozilla Firefox” and tap on Enter key. Now, Mozilla Firefox internet browser will open up on your screen.

When the Mozilla Firefox opens up, on the top of the screen you will find “tools” among other options. You just have to click on “tools” just to get a list of options. In the list of option, you should click on the “option” button. Then, you will see many other options. From those options, you should click on the “advance” button to get more options. Here, you will view some tabs under that option. Then, you should click on the “settings” tab. It will take you to the next window. In this window, just select the “no proxy” option. And to save all the changes, you should press “ok” button. Now, you can use your Mozilla Firefox browser.

  1. In Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is an internet browser. But sometime, in Google chrome, AVG proxy error occurs. This error basically occurs because of some changes in settings. To make changes in the settings, you should open “Chrome” in your computer screen. If it is not available on your computer screen. Then, to get chrome, you should click on the “start” button in your computer screen. Now, you should write “chrome” in the blank screen of the slide and press Enter. Here, “google chrome” windows will open up.

When Chrome opens up, you will see the three vertical dots just below the “X” icon. You have to click on those dots to see the list of options. From the list, you should click on the Settings option. Here, the new window will display on your screen. Just scroll down and go to the “advance” option which is available at the bottom of the computer screen. Here, you find a section named “restore and clean up”. You just have to click on the option “restore setting on their original defaults” and then just confirm the changes. After confirming this process, you should start using Google Chrome.

  1. In AVG:

In case, you are still facing the issue of AVG Proxy Error. Sometimes, AVG update process needs configuration. So to configure the AVG update process, you should go to the icon of AVG antivirus which is there on your computer. In case, you do not find AVG icon, then you should go to the “start” icon which is on the left side of your computer screen. Here, you will see the slide opens in an upward direction. In the search box, you should type AVG and press Enter key. Now, program will open up.

When the AVG window opens up, on right side of the of AVG program just below the close [X] button, you should click on the “options” button. After clicking on the “options”, you will find a list. In this list, you have to click on “advance setting” option. Now, on the left side of the “advance setting” window, click on the “update” tab to expand it. Then, the sub-tab “proxy” will open and just click on it. After this, on the right side of that window just click on “use proxy” so that you connect to the internet. In case, it fails then you should use the option “Use proxy if it fails, connect directly”.

The above method will help you to solve AVG Proxy Error. In case, you find issues, then you can visit to the site of AVG via