How to update AVG antivirus manually?

AVG antivirus is the most popular brand among the entire antivirus. It gives high class security to your device and install by the link It is applicable to multiple devices. It has fast scanning feature, camera trap, and anti-theft, web cam protection, reliable and compatible for the entire device. Its firewall feature acts as a wall between the hackers and your PC. It blocks the malicious websites and spam emails. If it found any danger, it gives the alert sign. It gives updates timely and scans your device time to time. AVG does not allow the hackers to access your location where your device is. It also prevents from phishing attack, so that malware does not come into your computer and steal the important information like your bank details, password, username and other credit card details.

Update manually:

Once the AVG antivirus is installed through , it can be easily update manually. First of all, manage all the updates online through AVG antivirus software. Then manually update Virus definition. After this, update the application manually. At the end manage automatic virus definition updates.

  1. Update online Through AVG antivirus:

Automatic updates are always available on the AVG antivirus. You just have to enable the automatic update setting. After enabling the updates, the AVG antivirus will give updates whenever the updates are available.

First of all, go to the Start button, then open the AVG antivirus.  Then you have to click on Refresh icon. This icon is close to the Virus Definition which is located on the bottom right corner of AVG. Now you have to wait for few minutes so that AVG antivirus checks the virus definitions updates. Now you will look at the updated virus definitions. At the end, restart your computer system.

  1. Manually update the Application:

For this, go to the start menu and open the AVG antivirus. Then go to Menu>> Settings. Now on the left panel you have to check whether the GENERAL is selected or not. If it is selected then choose Updates. After this, click on Check for Updates. Wait for a minute till AVG does not check the updates. At this point update process is completed and your application is being updated. Now you can reboot or restart your PC.

  1. Manage Automatic Virus Definition Updates:

For this, open the AVG antivirus, then go to Menu>>Setting. Then select General>> Update. You can also click on more option and select your preferred option like automatic update, you can also ask when an update is available, Manual Update option, and also you can choose enable streaming updates.

This process will help you to manually update your AVG antivirus. But if you any query then you can contact to the customer care of AVG antivirus via