How you can Add Customer and Enable Gaming Mode in AVG Antivirus?

Due to the increased rate in cyber crimes, it is the responsibility of the computer user to protect themselves from all kind of cyber crimes as hackers are continuously attack on user through different techniques. Always remember security and safety should be the first priority of every internet user. Because, there are so many people who can take advantage of your personal information for their own benefit. They can use your identity to commit crimes in your name. So safety is very much essential. Today, many companies are connected with their employees are connected with their companies through internet. Employees send and receive information of the company online.

For the protection of the company’s data, it is highly recommended that you should install AVG antivirus software in your device through  which gives great cyber security from theft and malicious activities. It also provides you Cloud storage facility so that you can save your valuable data in it and can use it anytime or anywhere. In this blog, you will read how you can add customer and enable gaming mode in AVG installation package.

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Add Customer in AVG Installation Package:

For adding customer, in the partner dashboard, you will view the “add customers” button. You just have to click on it. Here, you have to give your details like your customer profile, mailing address, customer type, and billing address etc. When you entered all the details, you just have to press “save and select services”. After this, you just have to select the services which you wish to include in your subscription. Now, you just select the numbers of units and then you should press add to cart. For save and exit, you should click on “next” option. Now you can successfully add new account when you fill the card details and make payment.

Enable Gaming Mode in AVG Antivirus: –

AVG antivirus is available for both free and paid version. It gives you the alert notification when new updates are available or if it performs any action. But when you play games, these pop-up notifications distract you in your game. In this situation, you should turn on the gaming mode in AVG just to stop these scan and notification from appearing when you are playing game. The firewall which is available in the paid version of the AVG program also has a gaming mode which disables firewall notifications.

For enabling Game Mode, you should open the program’s main interface just by double clicking on the AVG icon which is in the Taskbar’s notification area. After this, you should click on the “Tools” option which is followed by the “Advanced settings” option to access the program’s setting. Then, you should click on the “Appearance” options. Now, you should click on the box which is next to “Enable Game Mode. When a Full-Screen Application Is Executed” which is located at the bottom of the window. Then, you should click on “Save Changes” just to enable the general gaming mode and then go back to the main window.

After this, you should double click on the “Firewall” button from the list of components which are available on the main screen. Now, you should click on the box which is next to the “Enable Gaming Mode. At last, you should save the changes just by clicking on the “Save Changes” option to enable the gaming mode for the firewall.

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