How You Can Easily Disable AVG Antivirus Component?

AVG antivirus is the trusted and advanced security program which provides all the features like fast scanning, firewall setting, web cam protection and web shield protection for the security of the user’s device and data. It safeguards your personal information from viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits and ransomware attacks. It can be easily install in your device by going to its official website of AVG antivirus through  It improves the performance of your device but consumes less space. It regularly scans the data in real time and also gives great protection from external and internal threat. With this antivirus, hackers cannot be able to access your device.

In this cyber world, it becomes necessary for the user to install security software in their device because hackers are using latest technologies to get into your system to steal your data. Hence, AVG antivirus will be the best choice for the user as it gives complete protection to your device from cyber threat. But sometimes the user finds complications with the AVG antivirus and they get stuck. So, in this situation they need to disable AVG antivirus components. In this blog, you will read the process of disabling various AVG antivirus components.

Easy Procedure To Disable AVG Antivirus Component:

Disable AVG antivirus firewall:

For this, the user has to open the AVG antivirus software. Now, it will open the interface, you should click on “Firewall components.” After this, you should click on “change” option which is given next to the “firewall mode” option. From here, you should click on the option “Disable firewall protection.” At the end, you should click on “OK” button.

Disable Web Shield Protection:

If you are using the older version of AVG, then you should disable Web Shield Protection. For this, you should double click on the AVG icon just for opening the AVG control center. Now from the top menu, you should select the option “components.” Here, you should click on “Web shield.” Now here, you should uncheck the “Enable web shield” option. Then, you should choose the “web tab.” Now, from the basic web settings you have to select “web protection” option unchecked. At last, you should click on “OK” button.

Disable all the Components Of AVG Altogether:

In case, you want to disable all the components together. Then in the system tray, you should right-click on the AVG icon. Now, you should click on “Temporary disable AVG protection.” After this, you have to choose a time frame for which it is to be disabled. At the end, you should click on “OK” button.

The above method will help you to disable the AVG antivirus component easily. But if the user needs any kind of technical assistance they can call the customer care executive of AVG antivirus anytime from anywhere. The experts of AVG team are well trained and available for the user all the time. For more details about AVG, you can go to the site of AVG via