How you can Easily Fix AVG Error Code 1406?

AVG antivirus is the well known security software which protects the user’s device from all threats. And it can be easily install in your apparatus through But some users face error while installing the software. Hence, in this blog you will read how to resolve AVG error code 1406.

Causes Of AVG Error Code 1406:

 The AVG Error Code 1406 occurs when the user tries to install any software like on computer or on laptop and also the setup cannot be able to write the value of the assembly to the registry key. Now in this article, you will learn about the solution to resolve AVG Error Code 1406.

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Method to Resolve the AVG Error Code 1406:

1: Initiate Clean Boot:

For Windows 7:

1.    For this, you should open your computer system and just navigate to the start button.

2.    Now, you should log in to your PC as an administrator.

3.     Then, you have to click on the start menu and the search box will appears on your computer screen.

4.     Here, you have to type msconfig.exe in the box which shows on your screen and tap on Enter key.

5.     At this point, you should click on the general tab and then just you have to select Selective Startup Option.

6.    Now, you have to click on the clear load option which is shows on your computer screen.

7.     After this, you have to click on the services tab and then just choose hide all Microsoft services option.

8.    Then, you should disable all and then click on the OK option.

9.    At last, restart your computer system.

2: Giving Permissions to the Software:

1.    You require opening your computer system and then visiting to the start button.

2.    After this, you have to type regedit in the box which shows on your computer screen and tap on Enter key at

3.    Here the registry editor dialog box shows on the screen of the user. It displays the location in the status bar.

4.    You should locate the location which is specified in the error.

5.    Now, you should open the folder and hit on the permissions tab.

6.    Here, you have to select the administrator’s group and then select allow checkbox in full control.

7.    At this point, you need to select the system group. Now under the Allow column, you should check that the full control is selected.

8.    Here, the permission dialog box appears on your computer screen.

9.     At this point, you have to click on the advanced option.

10.                       Then go to the owner’s tab and select administrators group.

11.                       You should click on the option replace the owner and tap on Ok button.

12.                        Now, visit to the permissions tab.

13.                        Here, you need to choose the option to replace all the child object permissions with inheritable permissions and press OK button.

14.                        At this point, close all the windows and just try to reinstall the application software.

15.                        If the issue still persists, then you should reboot your system and now again you should try to install the software.

The given above methods will help you to fix AVG Error Code 1406. If the customer needs any assistance then they can go to the official site of AVG Antivirus via