How You Can Prevent your Data with AVG?

Data brokers are basically, who collects and sell your personal information to third parties. The personal information they collect are your full name, age, gender, email address, phone number, date of birth, residence address, personal interests, purchasing habits, and also education interest. But sometimes they get your sensitive data like information about your income and health status. After collecting your data, they classify you into a particular category and then sell your profile to other interested third parties. Always keep in mind, the information data broker’s collects about you is not necessarily accurate because they take information through your internet searches, social media profiles which may be or may not be accurate. Hence, AVG team wants its user to protect their personal information. This security software blocks the internet threat in your device and can install through In this blog, you will read about data brokers and how you can protect your data with AVG.

How Data Brokers Collect Information?

  1. Tracking Cookies:

Cookies are basically small data which is required to make websites work. But tracking cookies follow you around the web and then log your activity.

  1. Browser Fingerprinting:

It uses the invisible website scripts to identify you according to your browser, device, time zone, and your preferred language. It follows you around the web if you’re not logged in or you are using Incognito mode.

  1. Web and Email Beacons:

Web beacons are basically single-pixel images which track your behavior on websites or emails. Generally, they track things like if you search for the products but you don’t buy, the emails you open, and also the links on which you click.

  1. IP Address Tracking:

As you all know that your IP address identifies you on the internet. It is the addresses where you get the data like your searches, emails, and more. Websites generally track the geographic location of their visitors and also identify the repeat visitors.

  1. Ecommerce Sites:

Many Ecommerce sites track your preferences as they wanted to sell so any products to you. They basically use customer data platforms which are designed to help businesses so that they can sales their product. If you receives an email which reminds you about the product which is still left in your shopping cart, this email is from a CDP.

Protect your Data with AVG:

  1. 24/7 Privacy Risk Monitoring:

If a data breach happens, then AVG monitors the dark web for your leaked data and gives you alerts warning about privacy threat.

  1. Removal from Data Broker Lists:

 AVG looks for what information data brokers are collecting about you, and then they demands to remove you from their databases.

  1. Account Security Review:

Examine your online presence and gives tips to protect your digital life, like the setup unique passwords and also optimize your account settings.

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