How You Can Protect Your Company From Hackers During Tax Season?

As you all know that cyber-criminals are always in search of stealing your valuable data, they are just finding new opportunities to hack your account. So, the company’s are very much concerned in the tax season about their online privacy and safety of their companies’ data. Hence, AVG team wants their customer to protect their company’s data from hackers during the tax season. They want you to install AVG antivirus in your devices through As this antivirus gives great protection to data against online threat. It secures your device from cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also against phishing attacks etc. It immediately detects the threat and blocks it, before it harms your device and data. In this blog, you will read that the precautions which you can take your online privacy and data during tax season.

Steps to Protect Your Company From Hackers During Tax Season:

  • Cyber Security Training:

The companies should train their employees about cyber security as this can protect your company from major attacks like phishing or ransomware attack etc. If the employees are trained, they will immediately recognize the malicious activity and take precautions against this.

  • Install Security Software:

You should run and install the AVG antivirus in your device through As this software will protect your sensitive data like bank details or financial details from hackers. It also stops the unauthorized access to your device; hence hackers cannot be able to steal your personal information.

  • Make Sure Device and Software are Up to Date:

Before filing taxes, you should make sure the device which you are using to file the tax must be of the latest version and the security software in your device also is up to date. As update of software fixes many loopholes and protect your device from emerging threats.

  • Check For Encryption:

You should add encryption to your companies email platform as through these hackers will never be able to steal your sensitive information through emails. And the site which you are using must have padlock icon in the browser and starts with “https”.

  • Use VPN on Public WI-FI:

First of all, you should avoid using Public Wi-Fi when you are filing for the tax. But if you are using the public Wi-Fi, then always open your device through VPN network, as this will encrypt your sending and receiving data online.

  • Backup of Your Data:

You should take the backup of your data which you have uploaded on external drive and also you must delete the information related to your taxes after you have filed your tax.

If you want more details, you can go to the site of AVG antivirus through Or you can also call on their toll free number.