How You Can Scan and Remove Malware From Your Router?

People rarely found malware in Router but infected router is very risky. Because through infected router, hackers can access all the devices connected to your network. AVG team just wants its user know the warning signs of infected router and also how you can protect your router from malware. So, the user can install and activate the AVG antivirus software through This software protects your devices from all kind of malware and viruses. In this blog, you will read how to remove a router infection.

Warning Signs Which Shows Your Router Has Infection:

  1. Your Internet Runs Slowly Than Usual:

If your router has malware then it performance becomes slow. And also if your internet runs slowly without any reason, then you should investigate to see if anything is wrong with your router.

  1. Computer Programs Starts Crashing:

Always remember that a router infection does not limit them to your router. But in this hackers, through your router infect other devices with malware. If your computer behaves strangely, then this indicates that your network has been breached. You can improve the performance of your computer just by cleaning up your computer so that it runs fast. But infected router can spoil all your hard work.

  1. Fake Antivirus Messages Appear as Pop-ups:

Basically, fake antivirus messages pop-ups on your computer screen which is a clear sign of scareware and adware. Scareware force you to pay for useless antivirus software which will protect your computer against a phony malware infection, while adware shows you the ads which collects ad revenue for its operator. Both scareware and adware are the clear sign that your router is compromised.

  1. Your Data Becomes Locked with Ransomware:

In case, a hacker has breached your router then it can pose a ransomware attack on your computer, and all your data becomes locked with this ransomware attack.

  1. Unknown Software and Toolbars are Installed:

If you find Bloatware and other unwanted software in your device or if your device settings have been changed without your knowledge, then this is a clear sign of malware.

Use Router Virus Checker:

AVG Antivirus software can properly scan your wireless network. You can use it, to scan your Wi-Fi network. For this, you have to open AVG Antivirus and then click on Computer just under the Basic Protection category. Then, you have to select Network Inspector. Now in the next screen, you have to click on Scan Network. After this, you have to choose the type of network which you are using: Home or Public. At this point, you have to make your selection, and then AVG Antivirus will begin scanning your wireless network. When the scan is complete, then you’ll view the list of all the devices on your network. This list has your router, your computer, your phone, etc.  You just have to click on the arrow which is next to any device to see the text show details. At last, you have to click on Done option.

To remove a virus or malware from your Wi-Fi network, you should Back up important data and files, you should perform a factory reset on your router, you should Update your device password and also Install an antivirus with router security features.

If you want to know more, then you should visit to the site of AVG antivirus software through

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