How you can Stay Away From Third Party App Stores?

There are basically two mobile apps stores one is Apple App Store for IOS and Google play store for Android. Today people generally download the app from the third party app stores but they don’t know that this might infect their devices with malicious software. These malware can take access of your device and steal valuable information from your device. So, AVG team wants their customer to be aware of these third party apps and they should know the risk of downloading apps from the Third party app store. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus completely protects your device from virus and malware. It quickly detects the cyber threat and blocks them immediately. It also scans the data stored in your device regularly.

What is Third Party Application?

A third-party app is a software application which is made by the vendor and not by the manufacturer of a mobile device or operating system. These, app development companies make a lot of applications for Apple’s or Google’s operating systems and also for their own devices. This is called a first-party or “native” app. But most of the applications are third-party apps. If the email application has a manufacturer’s name on it that is native app. click here

Third-party apps which are in the official app stores follow strict development criteria but these stores also sell the applications for making money to the hackers so that they can install the malware into the application.

Third-party app stores give safe applications but there is a risk of danger too. These apps can infect your device with malicious codes. The stores sell popular apps for fewer prices. But this can put your privacy into trouble. this blog

How you can stay safe from third party apps?

Before downloading anything you should verify that the app developer’s name is correct or not. Beware of the fake versions of real apps that uses copycat developer name. Always read the reviews and see if any review indicates that the app is faulty, if it indicates then stay away. Lastly, always update your device and security software like AVG antivirus which you have installed in your device through As the updates always fix the security holes and install new security features for protection of your device from emerging threats which hackers are continuously making to gain access over your device and data. It keeps your device malware and virus free.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of Avg through You can also call on their toll free number.