How You Can Uninstall AVG Secure Web Browser through Different Method?

AVG antivirus software comes with an AVG Secure Browser to protect the privacy of the online users. This browser has a set of tools like Webcam Guard and Anti-Fingerprinting etc. which protects the privacy, identity and personal information. You can enjoy the benefits of AVG secure browser by installing AVG antivirus through But some users do not want to use this browser because they think this browser is very slow and it slows down their browsing speed so they want to uninstall AVG Safe Browser. In this blog, you will read the different method to uninstall AVG Secure Web Browser.

What Are The Different Method To Uninstall AVG Secure Web Browser?

1.    Uninstall AVG Secure Browser from Settings App:

First, you have to check that no other applications or antivirus software program are running on your computer. Then, you have to right-click the Windows Start button and then select Applications and Features from the menu which displays on your screen. After this, click on AVG Secure Browser and then select Uninstall option. In case, the User Account Control dialog prompts you for the confirmation, then just click on Yes. If the AVG Secure Browser uninstaller appears, then just click on Uninstall to confirm the uninstallation. Here, you have to wait till the uninstaller deletes AVG Secure Browser from your computer. After the uninstallation, you have to click on OK button. Now, AVG Secure Browser is uninstalled from your PC.

2.    Uninstall AVG Secure Browser by using the Command Prompt:

First, click on Start option and then write cmd in the search box. Now, you have to wait for CMD.EXE or the command prompt to displays in the list and then you have to right-click and just select “Run as administrator”. After this, just highlight the text with your mouse :

cd %appdata%

cd ..\local

rmdir /q /s avg\Browser

rmdir /q /s %programdata%\avg\browser

echo this is a dummy line

Now, you have to right-click on the text marked above and then select “Copy” from the dialog menu. Then, you have to click on the black window of the administrative command prompt window and then right-click in the middle of the window and just choose “Paste” option. Here, the text which you have copied will be now appears in the command line and you will see that the AVG Safe Browser is removed from your computer.

Remember, you can remove AVG Safe Browser from your Control Panel through programs and features. If the program is already deleted. If you want to remove it from the list, then select Yes option.

3.    Using the AVG Clear tool:

For this, you should download the AVG Clear tool. After downloading, you should run it. Then, just follow the directions to remove the AVG software. If you are using this tool, then just delete all files and registry entries linked to the AVG Secure Browser.


The above are some of the methods to uninstall AVG Secure Browser from your PC. If in case, you need help then just go to the site of AVG antivirus through


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