Quick Way To Manage Antivirus Pop Up and Privacy Setting in AVG:

AVG antivirus is the world’s best security product which secures your device from malware, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and viruses etc. This software can be installed via www.avg.com/retail. It is reliable with all the internet connected gadgets like Window, PC, laptop, Mac and Android Phones. It quickly detects and blocks the cyber threat and warns you by giving you the alert notification. In this blog, you will read how to manage Antivirus Pop up and privacy setting in AVG.

Method To Manage AVG Antivirus Pop Up:

To manage AVG Antivirus Pop Up, you have to launch the AVG Internet Security in your computer system. If you want to change this setting, then you can do this by using the AVG Antivirus Free Interface. After this, you should go to the Settings tab and then select the General option from the left side of the screen. Then under this, you need to select the Pop-Ups option. Here, you will see four types of pop-ups will be appear on your screen along with the display duration in seconds. You can set the duration in seconds for the Info pop-up, Update Pop-up, Warning pop-up and also for the Alert pop-up. After managing the pop ups, you need to click on the Ok button.

Exclude Certain Files or Folders From Scam:

To exclude certain files, you need to open the AVG software on your computer system and you can do this by double clicking on the AVG icon which is available on the computer. Then under Menu, you need to tap on the Settings option. After this, you should select Components and then just hit on the Customize option which is next to File Shield. Next, you need to choose the Exceptions tab. Here in the AVG Antivirus Installation Guide which is available on the screen, you should click on the key in the folder location manually or you can click on the Browse button in order to mention the path of the file. At last, you need to tap the OK button and then hit on the Add button. For help, visit to avg.com/retail.

Configure Privacy Setting in AVG:

To configure the Privacy setting in AVG, from the desktop, you should select AVG Antivirus Free Interface to open it. After this, you should visit to the Menu tab and then select Settings under it. Now, you need to go to General option and then tap on the Privacy panel. Here, you should tick the checkbox which is near the Participate in the AVG Community option. Through this way, you can identify the threats and also the malware attacks.

The above method will help you to manage Antivirus Pop up and privacy setting in AVG. If the customer need any kind of help or details about the product, then you can navigate to the official site of AVG via www.avg.com/retail.

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