Security Awareness Is Still

Most of the people, have heard about the cyber attacks but they are not aware of the steps they should take for cyber security. Because of the unawareness among the people most of the organization is losing their fortune. So, our AVG team wants their users to get aware of cyber attacks. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus is user friendly and consumes very little space in your device. It improves the performance of your device and it gives protection against all kind of threat like malware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, viruses and ransomware etc. It has an advanced feature of firewall setting which does not allow the hackers to attack on your device.

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It is recommended if you want your data and device to be safe and secure, first of all you should install in your device which protect your data from all kind of threat. Secondly, you should update your security software on a regular basis because updates always come with security patches. Thirdly you should always cover the camera of your device when you are not using it, because hackers are always finding the way to steal your important data. You should not click on emails which is send to you by unknown sender because it might be a phishing emails. Whenever you are searching on web, first make it sure that you are surfing on secure website, the site which starts with “https”.

The most important thing about is it quickly detects the dangerous websites and gives you the alert warning of danger. All the accounts which you have made on social media, do not discuss your personal info on that. Because hackers always keep an eye on your online activity. It is advised that you should keep a strong and unique password for all your account. The password should be consisting of symbols, numbers, upper and lower case letter. And whenever you are shopping and banking, it is prescribed that always purchase from authorized sites. Because while purchasing you have to give all your bank details and your details should not go by mistake in to the hands of hackers that is why you should purchase from popular sites. also gives its user’s great technical support and most importantly you can call them any time from any place. For more details, you can visit to their official website via