Spyware Protection Tips for Internet Users:

  1. Safe from free software:

Internet is full of free software. This software’s can be of editing or video player. Free software is full of harmful malware, so it is an advice that if you want to download any software, always downloads from the authentic sites.

  1. Beware of Popup ads:

Popup ads are irritating and harmful for your PC. Do not click on these ads, as there are chances of Spyware getting into your PC through these ads. If you want to protect your PC from Spyware, close the Window from the browser.

  1. Use safe browsing feature:

If you want to protect your PC then you should use the safe browsing feature of avg.com/retail. Through this feature you can browse anything in a private way. When you open AVG antivirus safe browsing icon is visible on the window, you can click on it and browse in a private way and remain safe and secure.

  1. Use Popup blocker:

Use popup blocker feature which protect your device from Spyware and malware.

  1. Use an Advanced AVG antivirus:

It is very important that you should install AVG antivirus via www avg com retail in your device, as it protects your device from all kind of cyber threats like malware, viruses, worms, rootkits, Trojans and also from ransomware. It scans the data of your device. It has many unique features which protect your device from hackers. It monitors and controls the network traffic.

  1. Keep your Operating System Updated:

Always keep your device updated as it strengthens your cyber defense against all kind of threat. Cyber criminals generally attack on weak operating system. So, it is advised that whenever you get the notification on your device about updates, immediately do it. As all updates comes with latest versions.

Through this way you can protect your device from Spyware. For more information just visit to the official website of avg.com/registration. If you still have any kind of doubt then you can call on the toll free number for help.