What are the Different Types of AVG Antivirus Scans?

AVG antivirus is the popular software in the market which gives complete protection against all kind of cyber threat like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, viruses and ransomware etc. This antivirus provides its user friendly interface and you can install this antivirus through www.avg.com/retail. It scans the data of your device and improves its performance. It takes very less space in your device but makes your device virus free. It stops unauthorized access by hackers and also control and manages the network traffic. It has an advanced feature of firewall setting, web cam protection, reliability, compatibility, camera trap and anti-theft feature. It detects the danger and blocks them immediately.

Different Types of Antivirus Scans:

Avg.com/retail perform different types of scans to safeguard your device against threat.

  1. Full Scan:

AVG perform full scan on your system, in which it scans your device from outside and inside. This scanning period takes several hours because it scans the complete data of your system. It scans your system from depth. This antivirus scans the objects like all hard drives, removable storage, and network drives, system memory (RAM), system backups, startup folders, and Registry items. The experts prescribe that you should perform full scan after every two weeks but you can perform full scan once in a month.

  1. Custom Scan:

The custom scanning is similar to the full scan. But in this type of scanning, you can choose the location. This also scans the system from depth. Like if you are finding some kind of suspicion then you can set the antivirus to scan the specific folder. The customer scan is used for checking external storage and other removable media for issues.

  1. Quick Scan:

In quick scan, antivirus scans the location where the malware is present rather than analyzing the each file. If the quick scan analyzes the malware then you should quickly move to full scan to uncover the infected files. It does not take more than few minutes. This type of scan gives the complete picture of your computer’s health. It scans commonly infected files and folders, Running processes and threads, System memory (RAM), Startup folders and also Registry items.

For more information about Avg antivirus, you can visit to its official website through avg.com/retail. For technical support, you can call on their toll free number anytime from anywhere. You can call the customer care executive even for small problem.

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