What are the Method To Fix AVG 2015 Update Error?

AVG antivirus is the amazing software which regularly scans the data of your device to protect it from all kind of internet scams. This amazing software can be installed through www.avg.com/retail. As today scammers find different ways to attack on the user’s device so in this situation AVG antivirus protect your device from emerging threat. But sometimes user faces error AVG 2015 while updating and the message which appears on their screen are “AVG not updating. Please try again later”. The cause of this issue is when the update files get corrupted. Hence, in this blog you will read the methods to fix the AVG 2015 update error.

Method to Fix AVG 2015 Update Error:

1: Delete Temporary Files:

First, you have to click on the AVG icon just to run the AVG user interface. After this, you should click on the options. Then, you have to move to the advanced settings menu. Now, you have to locate the manage option and then just click on update branch. At this point, you have to press the delete temporary files button. At the end, you should try to update the AVG. If you are still facing the issue, then you should run the AVG removal tool.

2: Uninstall AVG Antivirus:

For this, you have to open the control panel and then click on AVG program. For Windows 7: You have to press on the Start button. And then you should go to the control panel and then just click on programs and features. And for Windows XP, you should press on the Start button and then just go to the settings option. After this, you should open the control panel and then click on Add or remove programs. Here, you have to click on the AVG. At the end, you should press the Uninstall button.

3: Use AVG Removal Tool:

You should close all your important documents. And then you have to restart your computer system. Now, you should download the AVG Remover tool and run it. Here, you have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure. Then, the dialogue box prompts on the screen. You should restart the computer system when prompted.

4: Reinstall AVG Antivirus Software:

First of all, you should open the AVG download page. Then, you should choose the 32 or 64-bit version of AVG. After this, you have to download the name of the product. Now, you should click on the save or save as option just to save the file. Here, you have to select the desktop as your target box. And then you should run the downloaded file again. At last, follow the instructions to install AVG antivirus on your device.

The above method will help you to fix AVG 2015 Update Error. In case, you need any kind of support then you can contact to the customer care of AVG antivirus through avg.com/retail. The experts are available all the time to help their user so that they don’t face any kind of issues related to the AVG product. avg.com/registration

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