What are the Tips For Safer Online Shopping?

What are the Tips For Safer Online Shopping 2021?

Today, people prefer to do online shopping as this saves lot of time and money. As from one place, they can choose lot of products. AVG team wants its user to do safe online shopping. You can activate this security software through www.avg.com/retail. This software is completely compatible with all the devices and gives great protection from internet threat. It you do online shopping, it is very imperative that you install AVG antivirus in your device. Because hackers use lot of different methods to exploit online payments, with the motive to get your personal data or to make money out of it by trick you to click on links. Hence, in this blog you will read the tips for safer online shopping.

Tips For Safer Online Shopping:

  1. Protect your Devices:

You should install AVG software in your device to secure your data from malware or viruses. And also you should regularly update your security package to fix the patches and flaws in your device. It is advised you should also update your operating system so that it is compatible with your security software. It is suggested never ignore updates as it gives more features to your device.

  1. Create Strong Passwords:

You should always create strong passwords for all your online accounts. If in case, one of your password is compromised, then other accounts do not get affected. And the passwords should be the combination of upper and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. It is advised you should avoid using easily guessed words or numbers.

  1. Use a Credit Card:

While online shopping, the customer should always pay with a credit card not with a debit card as hackers cannot be able to take money from your own account. And you will be protected against a fraudulent transaction. You should also setup two-factor verification and also check your credit card statements carefully. If in case, you find any kind of suspicion then contact your bank immediately. www.avg.com/retail

  1. Ensure your Site is Secure:

Before shopping online, you should also make sure that the shopping site is secure, you can check that site by seeing its URL, it should begins with ‘https’, and also the browser bar must have the locked padlock symbol or is green. These signs mean that the site is encrypted and also it is harder for a hacker to access. Always shop from a trusted site and carefully read the seller’s privacy policy.

  1. Keep clear of spam:

It is advised that you should not click on dubious email or text message links from an unknown source. This will redirect you to a site which asks for your personal information and also install malware in your device. Beware of cheap promotions and do not respond to request which ask you to verify your bank details.

For more information about AVG security software, just visit to the official site of AVG via avg.com/retail.

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