What are the Ways To Remove Personal Information From The Internet?

Some users do not want their personal information like sensitive data such as credit card details, financial detail or their photos etc. to be visible on the web. So, they wanted to remove that stuff online and do not want others to find. And if the user removes their personal data from the internet then this will lower the chance of hackers finding your information and use for malicious purposes like phishing attacks etc. Hence, AVG team has given some tips to remove personal information from the internet and it can install through www.avg.com/retail. This antivirus protects your sensitive information from identity thieves. In this blog, you will read how you can remove personal information from internet.

Personal Information Include:

  1. Information like full name, physical address, telephone number, and also education history.
  2. Financial details like Bank account numbers and login information.
  3. Online Account detail, like user names and passwords for websites.
  4. Health information like health insurance details.
  5. Identification numbers like a passport number, Social Security number or tax identification number.

Remove your Personal Information from the Internet:

  1. Delete your Social Media Accounts:

It is advised that first you should make a list of the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then, you should visit each website, and then find the account settings. After this, you should deactivate or remove the account. It’s totally depend upon you, how much information which you want to keep private. Here, you can also delete your online banking and credit card accounts, and also your email accounts.

  1. Ask Data-Collection Websites to Remove your Information:

If you wanted to remove yourself from these databases, then you should start searching for yourself on websites like PeopleFinder. You can also contact the data broker and ask them to opt you out. Keep in mind, the process is different for each site. There are services like DeleteMe can save your time by removing you from data brokers and from other accounts. www.avg.com/retail

  1. Delete Blogs:

As you know that personal blogs contain the details of your daily life, family, jobs, health information and also about your financial situation, which hackers can use to commit crimes. So, if you are publishing a blog then you should keep in mind that what type of details you want to share. If in case, somebody has posted sensitive information about you in their website then you can contact the webmaster of the site and ask to remove your information. You can also send a legal request to Google and ask them to remove your information.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Apps from your Phone:

There are many mobile apps on your Smartphone which collects your personal details like your name, email address and your geographical location etc. You should keep in mind that hackers can steal your information and then your financial information will be at risk. So, it is advised when you install any app, you should carefully read the Terms and condition of that app like what info is collected, why it is collected, and how it will be secured. You should also delete the unnecessary apps from your phone as this will free up space and lower the risk of information exposure.

The above information will help you to remove the personal data from internet. For details, you can contact AVG team via avg.com/retail.

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