What is Digital Footprint and How you can Protect it with AVG?

Hackers keep prying eyes on your online activity, so it is very necessary that you protect your identity and reputation online. So, AVG team wants its customer to take precautions while doing any activity online. You can install this antivirus software through www.avg.com/retail. This antivirus secures your gadget against cyber threat like malware and viruses. It detects and blocks the threat immediately before it harms your device. It scans the data of your gadget on a regular basis. It also stops the unauthorized access to your device. In this blog, you will read the how you can protect your digital footprint from hackers.

What Is Digital Footprint?

Digital Footprint is basically the traces of your online activity like what you post on social media, what you purchase online, the comments which you put on news articles, share content, and also the website collects which collects your information etc. The information includes your login details, IP address and also other personal information.

How you can Protect Your Digital Footprint?

  1. Enter Your Name into Several Search Engine:

You should use multiple search engines to see if you have any negative footprints. You should search your first and last name and also review the first 2 pages of results. If you found anything outdated or not appropriate then you should remove it and you can also contact the website which is hosting the content.

  1. Check Your Privacy Setting:

It is recommended that you should check your privacy settings on social media. You can restrict who can see your posts on social media. Like on Facebook, you can limit your post to friends only or make a list of people who can see specific post. You can adjust your privacy setting accordingly.

  1. Create Strong Password:

You should create a strong, unique and complex password for all your account. And it should be the combination of letter, symbols, and numbers. It should be easier for you to remember but hard for the hackers to crack your password. Password should not be based on your birthday, anniversary date etc.

  1. Keep Your Software Updated:

It is very necessary that the software which you have installed in your device should be updated. Like if you have installed AVG antivirus in your device through avg.com/retail. Updates fix many security flaws and give more protection feature to your device so that your device can fight with the emerging threat.

If you want more information, then you can call the expert of AVG antivirus anytime. For details, you can go to its website through avg.com/registration.

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