What is the Method To Create And Connect To An AVG Zen Network?

AVG antivirus is the most popular security product which is available for all the devices and it provides great protection from threat. And the customer can install this product through www.avg.com/retail. In this blog, you will read how you can easily create and connect to AVG Zen Network.

Activate your Purchase:

If the user has purchased a subscription for AVG product like AVG Internet Security – Unlimited, AVG TuneUp – Unlimited, or AVG Ultimate. Then they have to enter the email address and password which you entered during the purchase. After this, AVG Zen will recognize your purchase and then the product will be activated with your subscription. Remember, if you have entered the different email address than a new Zen Network will be created but the subscription of your product will not be recognized. In this situation, you should log out and leave the network just by clicking on the account button which is located at the top of the AVG Zen window. After this, you should log in again by using the correct information.

What is Zen Network?

Through AVG Zen, you can create a Zen Network which allows you to remotely look at the status of AVG apps which are installed on any of your connected devices. With this, you can add more devices to your Zen Network, and can install AVG apps on your other devices like computers, phones and tablets. Here, you can even invite your family members to join your network.

Invite Devices to your Zen Network:

If you are the administrator of Zen Network, then you can add other devices to your Zen Network just by sending an email invitation from your AVG Zen app. This invitation has the instructions to install AVG on the invited device, and also an Invitation code. www.avg.com/retail

If you want to add a device to your Zen Network, then you should open the AVG Zen app. After this, click on the + button which is next to the device icons on the main AVG Zen screen. Now, you should choose the type of device on which you want to send the invitation and then just click on Continue button. Then, you have to fill the recipient’s email address and then just click on Continue again. At this point, the new device will display on your main AVG Zen screen with a Pending status till it connects. Then the email will sent to the email address with an Invitation code. Here, you should follow the instructions in the email to install the app on the new device. Then, you should enter the Invitation code in the app so that you connect the device to your Zen Network. When it is connected, then the new device will display in your AVG Zen app, and then you can manage AVG apps on that device.

Connect Android devices to Zen Network:

For this, first you have to open one of the AVG apps on your device. Then, you have to enter your AVG MyAccount email address and password. Now, you should click on the Log in button. Here, your device will display in your AVG Zen app and then you can view the status of all AVG apps on the device. Keep in mind that may be some apps do not contain the Zen functionality.

The above method will help you to create and connect to AVG Zen Network. For details about AVG, just go to the site via avg.com/retail.

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