What Security Apps You Should Install For your Android Phones?

If the user device gets lost or stolen then anybody can steal their sensitive data. In fact, they can use your identity for committing crimes so it is very essential that you should install the best security apps for your Android Phones. AVG antivirus provides Anti-Theft security apps for your Android Phones and the user can install these apps through avg.com/activate.  These apps give best protection against Physical theft. In this blog, you will read about the security apps which you should install for your Android Phones.

Security Apps Which You Should Install For your Android Phones:

  1. AVG Anti-Theft:

With this feature, the user can easily locate their lost or stolen phone. It gives amazing security features and provides maximum protection. Its Camera Trap features capture a thief’s photo and also the location when they enter 3 incorrect PIN. It makes your device unusable without a PIN and gives you alarm sound when they enter 8 times incorrect PIN. This feature also records the audio in order to locate your missing phone. If in case, your phone battery is dying then it identifies your phone’s last known location. It is advised you should always wipe the data of your phone before you sell it. The best part is AVG Antivirus clears your phone’s data in order to keep you safe.

Find My Device:

Through this feature, you can easily locate a lost or stolen phone. For this, you should first Sign into your account and then go to Google’s device location page. From there, you can lock your device and erase all data. The user can download the Google’s secure app on their Android phone in order to locate their device. The benefits of this feature are it is convenient, enabled by default and you can take advantage of Google’s extensive mapping coverage and most importantly it is free.

  1. App Lock:

This app helps you to secure your apps and folders against unwanted access. Keep in mind the secure apps on Android always has a dedicated app-locker app. And the user can even hide apps on their Android phone if you don’t want anybody see it. It locks your apps, photos, videos and also other phone feature with a PIN or fingerprint. It also blocks apps from being uninstalled.

  1. Android File Encryption App:

If there is no encryption, then hackers can easily interferes in your messages, the government can also monitor you and also there are several advertising companies which will record your interests. If you have the file encryption for Android, then the reliable user has the key to decrypt your message. The best encryption app which is available is the Solid Explorer which will lock your files and folders. With this app, you can browse your phone, lock up sensitive items and can save your encrypted items in the cloud storage service.

With the message encryption, you should also install Email encryption for Android. For the email encryption, you should install Protonmail which helps you to send your email securely. This app supports many languages and you can send encrypted email to anyone even the receiver don’t have the Protonmail app installed.

For installing AVG Security apps, the user should go to the official site of AVG via avg.com/retail

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