What Steps You Should Take After Regaining Your Hacked Email Account?

As you all know, that hackers are regularly finding new ways to steal your personal information. If by mistake, your email account gets hacked then you should immediately report it to the email service provider and also warns your contact so that they do not become the hacker’s next target. Then, the email service provider will help you to regain your account. If the user does not want to become the target of hackers, then they must install AVG antivirus in their device through www.avg.com/retail as this antivirus will protect your device from all kind of internet scams.

Indications That Your Email Account is Hacked:

  1. If in case, the user is trying to log into their email account, but they receive a message that their username or password is not correct. This means that their email account gets hacked and the hacker has changed their credentials and lock out the user from their account.
  2. Secondly, your sent folder contains suspicious messages which you had not written. And may be your sent folder is empty but in reality you had not deleted any of your sent messages.
  3. Thirdly, your social media accounts like Instagram or Twitter is showing you some strange products which you’ve never used, then this means that hackers have gained access on your email and social media accounts.

Steps You Should Take After Regaining Hacked Email Account:

  1. Change your Credentials:

If in case, the hackers have locked you out then you should report it to your email service provider. And if you still have access to your account then you should make certain changes.

You should make a strong and unique password for your account. It should be the combination of numbers, symbols, capital and lowercase letters. You can take help of the AVG Password manager to create complex passwords and for storing all your login credentials. And secondly, you should also change your security question and answers. It is advised that do not choose those questions whose answer can easily be found. Thirdly, you should turn on two-step verification as this will provide additional security to your account. Because along with username and password, you have to provide temporary passcode to enter in your account. This will make difficult for hackers to enter in your account.

  1. Warn your Contacts:

You should tell all your email contact list that your email account has been hacked so if they get any suspicious message then they should immediately delete it from their account. And you should also advise them, not to open any applications, do not click on links, and also do not share their credit card or financial information. www.avg.com/retail

  1. Check Signs of Trouble:

It is advised if hackers have hacked your account and you regain access again then you must take some preventive steps. You should regularly check your settings so that hackers do not make any changes in the settings to compromise your security. Secondly, you can look for signs of a virus in your device like strange pop-up windows, slowness, problem in shutting down and if there is unknown applications in your device which you do not install.

  1. Take Precautions:

You should take some precaution so that your email account does not get hacked again. First, you should update all your apps, browser, operating system and your software. As updates contain patches to fix security flaws and deletes the apps which you don’t use. You should install AVG antivirus security software in your devices as this will provide protection from malware, spyware, and viruses.

For installing AVG antivirus, you must visit to the official site of AVG via avg.com/retail.

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