What to do Before and After the Cyber Attack?-Avg.com/retail

Increased use of Internet, also increase the cyber attacks in the world. But most of the people do not know what to do before and after the cyber attack and become the victim. So, to avoid this situation AVG antivirus team have come up with the tips and they want you to follow it so that you do not get trapped. You can install this amazing antivirus software through www.avg.com/retail. This antivirus completely protects your valuable data from the hands of hackers. It creates a wall of defense between your apparatus and the internet threat. This software immediately identifies the online threat and removes it from your device to protect your device from emerging threat. In this blog, you will read what to do before and after the cyber attack.

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What to do Before Cyber Attack?

  1. You should keep your security software like AVG which you have installed through avg.com/retail up to date. And also keep your operating system updated to the latest version. As updates fix many security holes in your gadget which hackers can use to steal your personal information. Update also enables your device to fight with the emerging threat.
  2. You should keep the back of up your valuable data. You can store the backup data in Cloud, external hard drives, flash drives etc.
  3. You should open your device through VPN which will encrypt your sending and receiving data. And cannot be able to know your location. With VPN, you can use the public Wi-Fi.
  4. You should use two-factor authentication which do not allow hackers to access your account. In this a security code will be sent to your mobile to verify the person.
  5. You should secure your router by changing its default password. And you should keep the password which is unable to guess by hackers.
  6. Always use strong passwords for all your accounts. The passwords should be strong and unique and it should contain at least 12 characters, which include letters, numbers, and symbols. Always keep different password for different account.

What You Should Do After the Cyber Attack?

You should immediately take action after the cyber attack. First you should confirm the breach and then see your valuable information is being compromised or not. After this, just find out which data is stolen and immediately change the password of all your account. You should make your password more complex and unique than before. And also change and strengthen the security question and answers. You can take the help of the Breached organization as they usually offer identity theft service. As hackers have all your personal detail, they can contact you through phone or email.

It is an advice that you should take necessary steps to protect your data so that hackers cannot be able to steal it. But if you want more information on how you secure your data then you can visit to the official website of AVG antivirus through avg.com/retail. You can also call on their toll free number anytime.