What to do if “AVG Outlook Not Responding”?

Outlook is the very useful application of Microsoft and it works in so many different languages. Basically, Outlook is the webmail service which was earlier known as Hotmail. But sometimes the users face issues like AVG Outlook Not Responding. This error occurs due to the virus problem in your device which stops Outlook from Working. Because of this issue Outlook crashes or freezes in the middle of the work.

The causes Of Outlook Not Responding issue are Outlook stops in between the work when you are working on it, this takes a lot of time of the users. When the user tries to send any mail, it gives you an error message “Error sending this mail”. This is most irritating thing for any user. For assistance, you should contact to the AVG team through www.avg.com/retail.

Solution To Fix AVG Outlook Not Responding:

1: Close All Running Outlook Program:

First, you need to open your computer system. Then, you require going to the Start Menu. Here in the search box, you should type “Task Manager”. After this, you should go to Process, in which you will view a list of applications which are currently in use. Now, you can see all the applications which are related to Outlook which are currently running in your system. At this point, you have to select the Outlook Application and then just tap on the “End Process” option. At last, all the applications will get close.

2: Remove Outlook Add-In:

For this, you should open your computer system. After this, you should navigate to the Start Menu. Then, just go to the Outlook Application while holding CTRL key and then click on the Outlook Application. You will see that the Outlook will open in Safe Mode. Remember, you can also open Outlook application in safe mode from “Command Prompt” option. You need to open Command Prompt from the Start Menu. And then in the Command Prompt, you should type “outlook.exe /safe”. Now, you will see the Outlook will send the Mails without any error. At last, you need to restart your computer system for better results. Avg.com/retail

3: Temporarily Disable Antivirus Program:

There are chances when your antivirus which is installed in your computer system causes this error because it does not allow any kind of virus to enter in your device. When you are sending and receiving Emails, at that time you will receive certain Junk Files which can harm the programs of your Computer. In this situation, antivirus prevents you from sending and receiving the emails. That is why, from the Command prompt you should turn off the Antivirus which you are currently using. When you disable your Antivirus, then you should restart your computer system. After this, you should reopen the Outlook Application. Now, you’ll be able to send and receive the emails without any error.

The above method will help you to solve AVG Outlook Not Responding Issue. In case, you need support then you can contact to the AVG team via avg.com/registration.


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